Samus Therapeutics is a privately held Boston-based biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapeutics targeting the epichaperome, also termed the stress chaperome, to enhance degradation of aberrant proteins which drive the pathology of diseases such as neurodegenerative disease and cancer. The Company’s lead CNS program, epichaperome inhibitor PU-AD, is specific to HSP90 when part of the epichaperome and is being developed initially in Alzheimer’s Disease by oral administration and is currently in a Phase 1 study. Samus’ lead oncology candidate, epichaperome specific inhibitor PU-H71, was granted Orphan Drug designation in the United States for treating myelofibrosis in combination with ruxolitinib. PU-H71 is being evaluated in an oral form in a Phase 1 myelofibrosis study. PU-H71 has also completed early testing in Phase 1b with an IV form for advanced HER2 negative metastatic breast cancer in combination with Abraxane®.

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